About Tow2Go

The Tow 2 Go app puts you in direct contact with local tow companies and tow trucks. This ensures a quick and trouble-free response with the help you may need right through the app. Whether you get a flat tire, lock your keys in your car or break down, Tow 2 Go will be there to save the day. Before you send a request for a tow, you will be asked about what your emergency is, type of vehicle and type of drivetrain your vehicle has. The tow trucks who receive your call for help will also get your emergency information and be able to determine if they have the proper truck and tools to do the job before they accept your call for help. This ensures a speedy recovery and eliminates the hassle of having a tow truck show up to you without all the proper tools needed to fix your vehicle troubles. Once one tow truck driver accepts your request for assistance, the other tow truck drivers who also received your request will get notified that someone accepted your request and allows them to be on standby for anyone else who is also in need of a tow truck service.